Every detail of your event matters. It could be planning and design, setup and equipment, multilingual services, hospitality, scenery and branded materials, or conference documents, our team is on hand with expert end-to-end support for every aspect of your event. 


how can we help

Planning & coordination

Whether you are planning a meeting in Nairobi or at another location, our team of planning personnel is available to help with all of the minute details before and during your meeting.

We provide expert cost evaluation. We manage reservation and preparation of event spaces, as well as installation of lighting and audiovisual equipment. We provide technical support and conference staffing. We assist with information and contact details for accommodation, catering, transportation and other service bookings.

general setup

General & technical setup

We provide everything you need for a flawless meeting, from state-of-the-art technical equipment to more general necessities, and any special requests.

We help prepare your meeting space, equipment and supplies before your event and keep them in good working order during your event. We handle setup, décor and signage for conference rooms as well as exhibition and reception areas. We install computer and audiovisual equipment. We place documentation, stationery, nameplates and bottled water for your event participants. And we welcome any special requests you may have.



Successful communication is an essential part of any gathering. Our team of 19 staff interpreters provides both simultaneous (real-time) and consecutive (note-taking) interpretation in the six official United Nations languages for meetings in Nairobi and at venues the world over. 

We also have a pool of 106 highly trained freelance interpreters who bring across-the-board, UN standard communication to your meeting. 

translation and editing

Translation & editing

We ensure documentation for your meeting is edited and translated to the highest standards into the six official United Nations languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. We provide clear, professional UN standard translation and editing services for pre-session, in-session, and post-session documents, as well as publications and communication and branding materials both for events and for non event-related purposes.

The Division was one of the first offices in the United Nations system to introduce remote translation via the Internet for meetings organized away from headquarters.

report writing

Report writing & word processing

We support intergovernmental bodies in preparing and formatting their meeting records by furnishing full, professionally written and edited reports via our report writing service. Report writing and editing can be provided for various types of meetings, both at UNON and elsewhere.

We also offer word processing for reports and official documents for various types of meetings.

graphic design

Graphic design

From meeting documentation, reports and publications to digital products such as interactive PDFs, e-books, e-newsletters and e-flyers, from infographics to posters, banners, backdrops, signage and branded stationery, we create attractive designs for all our clients’ documentation, communication and publishing needs.

We design products for meetings and conferences, as well information and communication products not specifically related to an event.

dcs printing and production

Printing & production

Our in-house print shop and distribution service handles copying, printing, production and distribution of documentation and material for meetings and conferences, as well as information and communication products not specifically related to an event. 

Our offer also includes large formats such as roll-up banners, teardrop banners, roadside banners, backdrops, and indoor and outdoor branding.

We handle both digital and offset printing, as well as packaging and die-cutting. 

In 2008, our print shop was the first UN print shop and only the second UN agency in the world to be awarded ISO 14001 certification for its environmentally sustainable practices.


Audiovisual equipment

We provide, set up and supervise projectors and screens for presentations, desktop and laptop computers, printers, microphones and sound systems, video equipment, and lighting. 

All our conference rooms are equipped with projectors and screens or with large monitors. We offer a choice of microphones for every type of event - wireless handheld, lapel or headset microphones. 
Conference Rooms 1 to 4 feature delegates’ units with microphones, audio channels in a choice of languages, and built-in voting devices.

stationery and supplies

Stationery & supplies

Our services include the provision and placing of document folders, notepads, pens and pencils, flip charts, marker pens, badges and badge holders.



We provide bottled water during all meetings, as well as coffee, tea and snacks during session breaks.

Single-use plastics are no longer in use at UNON. Drinking water is supplied in glass bottles, or we set up water dispensers in the conference rooms. We encourage event participants to bring their own reusable bottles or, in some cases, sustainable water cups are provided.

dcs wifi

WiFi connectivity

Wireless Internet is available in all our meetings rooms, and at the information desk area, the registration area, the helipad and the lower fountain area.

live streaming

Live streaming & recordings

If some of your invitees are unable to physically attend your event, they don’t have to miss out. 

We offer live video streaming of events accessible via the UNON YouTube channel. Live streaming is available on demand in Conference Rooms 1-4 in the six official UN languages. Please note simultaneous streaming can take place in two conferences only at a time.

We also produce CD and DVD recordings of meetings upon request. Recorded proceedings can be uploaded to UN WebTV by special request.

event staff

Event staff

We allocate specific personnel to your meeting once a space and facilities have been confirmed. Whether it is held at Gigiri, elsewhere in Nairobi or further afield, our staff is there to provide the expertise and support you need in various areas to ensure the success of your meeting, 

A sound technician is always at your service when we supply sound and other technical equipment. Meeting coordinators, IT officers and document assistants, and various other staff are available on request to assist in the flawless coordination and facilitation of your event.