UNON compound accessibility

UNON continues to work to upgrade the UN Gigiri complex to acceptable international standards, and to provide equitable accessibility. Currently, owing to the age and size of the complex, ease of movement in the outdoor spaces remains a challenge for persons with reduced mobility. For large-scale meetings, UNON may facilitate transport via electric vehicle of meeting participants with reduced mobility between the inner entrance of the Visitors Pavilion on UN Avenue and the main lobby/roundabout at peak traffic times. Delegations registering for meetings or conferences are requested to inform the secretariat of the event if any of their representatives will require specific accessibility support.

conference room accessibility

Accessibility of conference rooms

Conference rooms 7 and 8 are wheelchair accessible from the main concourse/lobby. Conference rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 are wheelchair accessible from the lower concourse (parking area near banks and travel agency) or via two ramps from the main lobby. The rooftop conference rooms (9, 10, 11, 13 and 14) are wheelchair accessible via a ramp from the main concourse. For reaching rooftop rooms, motorized wheelchairs are recommended, as some ramps are fairly steep. Please note that there are no restrooms in the rooftop area. Conference area restrooms are wheelchair accessible. The conference area does not currently have tactile markings on the floor for persons with visual impairments.

accessible seating

Accessible seating in conference rooms

When a delegation requests accessible seating for a meeting or conference with formal seating arrangements, the seating order in the relevant meeting room is adjusted to allow the requesting delegation to occupy the accessible seating closest to the seats it would occupy in accordance with the order established for the event in question. The seating for the other delegations is then moved by one position. If more than one delegation requests accessible seating, those delegations are assigned the accessible seats closest to the seats they would otherwise occupy, and the seating order for the remaining delegations is moved by the corresponding number of positions, omitting the ones newly occupied by the requesting delegations. The secretariat of the meeting will inform all delegations of any changes to the seating plans for the conference.