Global Guidance for Meetings During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Division of Healthcare Management and Occupational Safety and Health (DHMOSH) has prepared guidance for organizers and meeting participants with key information for meetings in light of the current outbreak of corona virus disease (COVID-19) spreading globally. The guide is also availed in French and should be reviewed and adapted in conjunction with local health authorities’ and WHO country office advice.

For organisers:      English     French

For participants:    English     French

You will now be able to view all the equipment in the conference rooms that always facilitates succesful conferences, read on the cutting edge technology applied as well as get a sneak preview on our planned future technological enhancements. The equipment displayed below is currently in use within the conference rooms.

Delegates Unit / Conference Microphone
This gooseneck microphone provides excellent sound from the built-in loudspeaker powered by a strong digital amplifier. 
The delegate unit has other functions, it could be used to vote, accessing voting results as well as messaging. (User Guide)

A revolutionary all-in-one compact
Robotic Color Video Camera system, specially designed for remote video shooting applications. The BRC-300 incorporates three 1/4.7-type Advanced HAD™ CCDs, that provide high-quality and high-resolution images in both 4:3 and 16:9 modes.Additional expandability and flexibility for your conference shooting applications.



High Resolution Video and Audio Mini Twisted Pair Transmitters andReceivers The Extron MTP 15HD A Series is a versatile family of MTP twisted pair transmitters and receivers for transmitting VGA and summed mono audio signals long distances to presentation displays over a single unshielded twisted pair cable. 

This state-of-the-art PA speaker system boasts 600 Watts that will simply blow you away. It holds a bi-amped 600-Watt engine which drives a high-efficiency 12" woofer for brutal punch and a 1.75" titanium driver for high-end resolution. The rotatable, asymmetrical horn design allows a driver adjustment for either horizontal floor monitor application or upright position. The built-in mixer allows you to run the show without any extra equipment.



The RX1602 is an incredibly versatile 16-channel line mixer that works perfectly for monitoring multi-track recording projects, submixing multiple keyboards, sub-mixing samplers or mixing a small live set-up (for example, one keyboard and one microphone preamp). 

REMOTE CONTROL UNIT The RM-BR300 is an advanced remote control unit for the BRC-300, EVI-D100, EVI-D70 and EVI-D30 cameras all with using the VISCA control system. A joystick controller gives precision camera moves and focus adjustments. For the BRC-300 up to 6 preset camera and lens positions can be programmed for immediate recall. The other camera models have up to 16 preset positions.



COMPONENT VIDEO DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIERS, The Extron, DA6 YUV A is a one input, six output HDTV/component video and digital audio distribution amplifier for HDTV and DVD signal distribution. It accepts and distributes RGBS or RGsB, RsGsBs, component video, S-video, composite video, and digital audio on female BNC connectors. 

DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIERThe Extron P/2 DA2xi and P/2 DA2xi MT are one input, two output, VGA distribution amplifiers. They offers 350 MHz (-3dB) of RGB video bandwidth, and are compatible with VGA-QXGA graphic cards, projectors and flat panel displays. Adjustable gain and peaking are DIP switch-selectable.



ViewPoint Touch Panel The MVP-8400 is a clean, seamless, unobtrusive touch panel that combines Wall/Flush Mount flexibility, table top functionality and wireless mobility that gives users the ability to take control from anywhere, at any time. A fully compatible standard 802.11 Wi-Fi Card provides additional wireless control features and eliminates the inconvenience of installing and using cables.

XLS Amplifiers are professional stereo power amplifiers engineered to meet demanding audio requirements—reliably. Precision detented level controls, power switch, power LED, and six LEDs which indicate signal, clip and fault for each channel.



The NXA-AVB/RGB Breakout Box allows any of AMX’s VG-Series Modero Touch Panels to accept and display both RGB or HDTV Component signals directly from an external source. Through this single connection point, the 12”, 15”, and 17” VG-Series Modero panels experience comprehensive connectivity for audio/video distribution, power, Ethernet connectivity, and RGB. The NXA-AVB/RGB also acts as a signal converter. It is designed to take normal wiring from the system and, in turn, translate the incoming audio/video data over CAT-5 cable directly to the Modero Touch Panel.
The NXA-WAP250G 802.11b/g Wireless Access Pointprovides both high performance and increased security to support all Modero wireless touch panels. In addition the NXA-WAP250G provides convenient WLAN access for conference computers with connection speeds of up to 54Mbps. It is Wi-Fi certified including enterprise-grade wireless encryption standards such as WPA2, WPA, 802.1x, and 64-bit/128-bit WEP.



NetLinx Integrated ControllerThe NI-4100 provides versatility with the ability to integrate the largest number of devices in the NI Series of Master Controllers, including projectors, lighting, VCR and DVD players, thermostats and other electronic equipment. In these technology-driven environments, this solution allows for the future addition of more devices and control capabilities. 
This Digital Mixing Console delivers the performance and reliability of digital live sound and production consoles in a remarkably compact design that is perfect for conference applications where space is limited or maximum portability is required. It may be small but it can handle up to 40 inputs, and can be cascaded if more are required. And now, in addition to the many improvements that were implemented in the 01V96 Version 2.



Analog / Digital Video Converter, Canopus ADVC 3000, provides instant, high-quality bi-directional video conversion between analog and digital equipment. Combining and enhancing the features of both the ADVC-700 and ADVC-1000 converters, ADVC 3000 can convert between analog and DV, DV and SD-SDI, and analog and SD-SDI. Whether you need to convert YUV component video to uncompressed SDI, DV to Y/C S-Video, or simply to de-embed and re-embed audio from a digital video stream.

The Central Control Unit (CU) powers and controls the conference units, mixes the audio, distributes simultaneous interpretation language channels and conducts voting sessions. The High Power CU can power approximately 150 conference units. The standard control capacity of 50 delegate units with 4 language channels can be expanded with feature licenses to 3,800 units with 32 languages. 
DXP_Series_SwitchersDXP SERIES SWITCHERS The Extron DXP DVI Pro Series are high performance, digital matrix switchers that route single link DVI-D signals from multiple sources to any or all of up to eight DVI-equipped display devices.
This ENC series Encoder (Teracue) is designed for live streaming applications where single TV channels, camera signals or monitoring
feeds are to be distributed over a network. The ENC series provides real-time hardware compression of video and
audio inputs and streaming transmission. 



WIDEBAND and COMPONENT VIDEO and AUDIO SWITCHERS These are active analog RGBHV switchers using BNC connectors. There are six switchers in the series. The SW2 RGBHV, SW4 RGBHV, and SW6 RGBHV are two, four, and six input, one output RGBHV video-only switchers, respectively. The SW2 RGBHV A, SW4 RGBHV A and SW6 RGBHV A are two, four, and six input, one output RGBHV switchers with audio.


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