The Gigiri Compound accommodates some 2,000 staff members from: UNON, UNEP, UNCHS, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNDCP, WFP, UNOPS, ICAO, UNSO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNV, UNIFEM, IMO, UNCAS, UNIASC, UNIC, UNCRD, UNOIOS and UNPOS.
The grounds: The 140-acre UN Gigiri Compound, an oasis of green in the centre of Nairobi, is a peaceful place, which also offers the chance of observing some local wildlife such as: red duikers, squirrels, marsh mongoose, vervet monkeys and olive baboons. Easily-spotted bird species include:
Grey-crowned cranes, Egyptian geese, Crested eagles, Green pigeons and Hoopoes.


Panorama of Nairobi City
Areas of special interest:

The Seasonal Swamp: an ideal place to spot water birds and Grey-crested cranes.
The Gigiri Nature Trail: managed by a group of local volunteers, the Nature Trail showcases 600 indigenous tree species. A wildlife and Flora checklist can be obtained upon request.

The Memorial Garden: In commemoration of the victims of the Nairobi bombing of the United States Embassy, this garden of remembrance offers an area of peaceful contemplation



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