In addition to providing meeting space, the Division of Conference Services offers meeting facilitation services tailored to the type of meeting and clients’ needs.

Audio/Video Services.
These include the use of the delegates unit / microphone for sound and voting purposes. CD and DVD recordings of meetings can be produced on request. A recently introduced service is live and on-demand video streaming, which will now be accessible via this website.

General Setup
This group of services relates to items and services provided on request, including stationery, nameplates, podium signs, badges, security and exhibition panels and space, in addition to catering (which can include various types of food and beverages, depending on the client’s needs).

Technical Setup
This group of services relates to the provision of equipment such as LCD projectors for presentations, desktop computers and laptops, printers, DVD players and the cybercafé.

Conference Staff
When facilities are allocated for a meeting, it is a requirement to have specific DCS personnel allocated to the meeting in question. The presence of a sound technician is mandatory whenever sound appliances and other technical equipment are requested. Meeting coordinators, IT officers and document assistants, and various other types of staff assist in coordinating and facilitating a successful meeting, whether it is held at Gigiri, elsewhere in Nairobi or further afield.

The conference rooms at Gigiri are at all times backed up by a standby generator in case of a power outage. Wireless Internet access is also available.


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