Message from the Under-Secretary General

movsesThe Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) plays a central role in the mandate and functioning of the United Nations as an international forum within which representatives of Member States and other stakeholders meet to deliberate on the major issues facing the world today. Our mission is to facilitate and enhance dialogue and cooperation among Member States, and by doing so, contribute to the realization of the objectives of the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals. Through efficient and effective conference management, we offer multilingual services and tools and provide substantial and technical Secretariat support to Member States, creating the necessary conditions to foster dialogue at the United Nations. 

Client orientation, innovation and partnerships are at the core of conference operations in Nairobi and at the three other DGACM conferencing duty stations of New York, Geneva and Vienna. In this regard, our staff continue to harness the potential of advanced technologies to modernize and improve our services and working methods to enhance the experience of our clients. 

The aim of this website is to help you better understand the various aspects of the conference management operations within the United Nations Office Nairobi and its role in the larger context of the United Nations. 


Mr. Movses Abelian

Under-Secretary General, DGACM