Adjusting Sound level and Adjusting language Channels
  1. - Tap on any part of the screen.
  2. - Two buttons will appear with one showing Audio A and the other one Audio B.
  3. - If you are sitting on the left side of the table, you will press Audio A to make your adjustments and if you are sitting on the right side you press Audio B to make the adjustments.
Speaking through the Microphone
For one to be able to speak through the microphone, the delegate unit can be set in two different modes. These are the Automatic Mode and the Manual Mode
Automatic Mode
  1. - press the speak button and talk directly without waiting.
Manual Mode
  1. - Press the speak button a green light will light up around this button indicating that a request has been made to speak.
  2. - This request will appear on the chairperson’s monitor who will allow the request at an appropriate time.
  3. - When the chairperson allows one to speak, he can then switch the requesting unit to speak mode or the technician who would be sitting in the operations booth can do so.
  4. -When the unit is switched to speak mode, the green light will turn to red indicating that the speaker can proceed.

Voting is started by the chairperson. When it is started, voting buttons appear on the delegate unit from where one can choose his or her choice from the different options provided.


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